Always Training

So much happening in life. My journey with my wife, our son and family. School and work. Squeezing in my training in Eskrima-GungFu.


The Year of the Dog

So far Iv been down with the flu or a cold since the start of the year. Last year ended well with my group being named an authorized training group for Giron Escrima. This means a lot to me because the time and effort I put into Giron style when Infirst started martial arts. But I am feeling excited about this year. My Eskrima is evolving and I am planning on getting some training in with some great people later this year. I am also focusing on my Modified Gung Fu practice. With family and school obligations finding training time can be tough but I plan to set and achieve some real goals this year. So hopefully the Dog will bring me luck, Happy New Year!

Wei Kuen Do

My friend and teacher Leo Fong has always said that we should be inspired by Bruce Lee, but not trying to imitate him in our training. I reflect on this as I consider my background in Eskrima, and JKD/WKD to where I want to be in my training. Hopefully I will get to see Sifu Leo next month at a local seminar and hear some more of his knowledge.

Ohana Seminar

Took the guys to Kajukenbo Ohana seminar. This is the only gathering like this in San Diego. It’s a great place to train and experience other great arts with great people!

2017 The Year of The Rooster 

2016 was a great year, my son was born, he’s a Monkey just like me. 2017 hasn’t been bad. So far I’v had the opportunity to train with a new mentor of mine Kenton in NCGF. I’v been reading his blog SavageGungFu for a while now and it was awesome to get to train with him. Then this month I flew to SF to spend a day training at a seminar with GM Mike Giron. What an awesome time with him and Jacob. Brought me back to when I first started martial arts with them in the back of a SeaFood City store in the Bay Area.