Covid Training

This year has presented numerous challenges and crisis, but we have continued to train, adapting to the world. I’v included a small video of us training with social distance. This whole thing has really taught me that we need to be grateful for what we have! A recent training I participated in online really drove this home. One of the lessons presented was called Hunt for the Goodstuff! I’m making this my new mantra for 2020. We have to continue to hunt for the good things in life, especially during these hard times!

The Year of the Rat

This year has started off good with a great Gung Fu seminar by my friend Chris Charnos, on the first day of Chinese New Year. Chris went over various aspects of Seattle Gung Fu that he has learned through the years with all the masters he has trained with. It was a really exciting seminar for me and my friend Mario. I look forward to doing more Gung Fu training with Mario this year and adding it to my Eskrima and JKD training. I am happy that the seminar was a success, they can be really stressful to plan but this one was definitely worth it! Two days training with Chris blew my mind and rededicated my interest in Seattle Gung Fu!

The Tao of Eskrima

I have been training despite life’s many difficulties. I’v come to realize that being a parent multiples those difficulties exponentially. Job changes, preschool changes, Dr appointments, medical bills and all the other stresses. Despite all that I am still happy that my youngest son was born in July. I have pulled my training back some, no more out of town seminars. Really just training with my instructor on Thursdays and sharing with my Eskrima group on Sunday mornings. They are coming along and have pretty much got Cinco Teros down and are really getting into Lock n Block, and the flow drill. I have managed to attend two cool events since my last post. In September I taught an Escrima seminar for my friend Mario’s Gung Fu school. We went over the strikes of Cinco Teros, and the basic defenses for each strike. The students were very receptive and I hope to be back. In October my student and I attended the reopening of Bruce Lee’s Chinatown school in Los Angeles. This was truly an epic moment for each of us.

Ohana Unity Seminar

It was time again this year for the Ohana Unity Seminar in San Diego. I attend this seminar every year. There are instructors that come from all over the world to teach their art. It really is a great event. This year there was presenters in Kajukenbo, Tai Chi, Boxing, Panantukan, Kali/JKD, and Escrima. I really enjoyed the Tai Chi seminar by Dr. Mark Cheng, he really is a master of the arts. Previously my experience with Tai Chi is a couple of different weekend course’s to learn a mini 8 form for teaching and practicing in the health care setting. I am a Substance Abuse counselor by trade and it was something I wanted to share with my clients at work. I have completed the Chair Chi program, which is designed for wheel chair bound individuals but works great with clients in group therapy, and the Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance program at UCSD. So I was familiar with the basic forms. The Dr. showed the combat applications of the Opening, Hold the ball, Ward off, and Parting the Mane forms. Another favorite presenter of mine was Mark Sterwart who ran us through the footwork of his Kali/JKD. I’v been wanting to train with him to see his influences from his teachers Ted Lucaylucay, and Ted Wong who was a student of Bruce Lee. He ran us through the different ways to apply footwork to getting off angle and then closed with several Panantukan drills. Also present was another favorite of mine Guro Willie. He comes every year and never disappoints with his brand of Panantukan. The grand master of Derobio escrima also presented, he showed how the roots of escrima’s footwork can be traced back to dance. Then he closed with some Panantukan as well. There were some great Kaju presenters who came from the U.K. Their seminar was very strong and had that hard core feel to it. I will close with saying that their are several Kajukenbo elders who come from Hawaii to perform the opening ceremonies in true Hawaii fashion and they give the event that true authentic feel. I can’t wait till next years!

Ung Moon

I originally learned this drill when I first started training in JKD. This drill is what I base my Jun Fan/JKD material off of when teaching my students. Ron Balicki said that we should learn the drill and then forget it, and that is the philosophy I share with my students. That is how we achieve “being formless”. I like the way this Sifu does the drill and use his video for reference.

The Year of the Pig

We started this year off with a great Wei Kuen Do seminar by Sifu Leo Fong, Klein, and Jeff at 5 Elements Martial Arts. I really wanted to share Leo’s art with my friend’s school and give them the chance to meet a friend and training partner of Bruce Lee. Everybody had a great time learning and sharing. I even ended up assisting Klein with teaching Trap Boxing to the group. At the end of the day Leo shared some stories about him and Bruce Lee and Sifu Jimmy Lee. He even promoted me to 5 degree black belt in Wei Kuen Do. Even though this year started out rough with some changes at work and home, I intend to make the best of it! We’re going to welcome a new addition to the family later this year as well! My life is pretty much family, work, school, and Gung Fu. But it’s worth it!

The Year of the Dog

So far Iv been down with the flu or a cold since the start of the year. Last year ended well with my group being named an authorized training group for Giron Escrima. This means a lot to me because the time and effort I put into Giron style when Infirst started martial arts. But I am feeling excited about this year. My Eskrima is evolving and I am planning on getting some training in with some great people later this year. I am also focusing on my Modified Gung Fu practice. With family and school obligations finding training time can be tough but I plan to set and achieve some real goals this year. So hopefully the Dog will bring me luck, Happy New Year!

Wei Kuen Do

My friend and teacher Leo Fong has always said that we should be inspired by Bruce Lee, but not trying to imitate him in our training. I reflect on this as I consider my background in Eskrima, and JKD/WKD to where I want to be in my training. Hopefully I will get to see Sifu Leo next month at a local seminar and hear some more of his knowledge.