Ohana Unity Seminar

It was time again this year for the Ohana Unity Seminar in San Diego. I attend this seminar every year. There are instructors that come from all over the world to teach their art. It really is a great event. This year there was presenters in Kajukenbo, Tai Chi, Boxing, Panantukan, Kali/JKD, and Escrima. I really enjoyed the Tai Chi seminar by Dr. Mark Cheng, he really is a master of the arts. Previously my experience with Tai Chi is a couple of different weekend course’s to learn a mini 8 form for teaching and practicing in the health care setting. I am a Substance Abuse counselor by trade and it was something I wanted to share with my clients at work. I have completed the Chair Chi program, which is designed for wheel chair bound individuals but works great with clients in group therapy, and the Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance program at UCSD. So I was familiar with the basic forms. The Dr. showed the combat applications of the Opening, Hold the ball, Ward off, and Parting the Mane forms. Another favorite presenter of mine was Mark Sterwart who ran us through the footwork of his Kali/JKD. I’v been wanting to train with him to see his influences from his teachers Ted Lucaylucay, and Ted Wong who was a student of Bruce Lee. He ran us through the different ways to apply footwork to getting off angle and then closed with several Panantukan drills. Also present was another favorite of mine Guro Willie. He comes every year and never disappoints with his brand of Panantukan. The grand master of Derobio escrima also presented, he showed how the roots of escrima’s footwork can be traced back to dance. Then he closed with some Panantukan as well. There were some great Kaju presenters who came from the U.K. Their seminar was very strong and had that hard core feel to it. I will close with saying that their are several Kajukenbo elders who come from Hawaii to perform the opening ceremonies in true Hawaii fashion and they give the event that true authentic feel. I can’t wait till next years!