The Tao of Eskrima

I have been training despite life’s many difficulties. I’v come to realize that being a parent multiples those difficulties exponentially. Job changes, preschool changes, Dr appointments, medical bills and all the other stresses. Despite all that I am still happy that my youngest son was born in July. I have pulled my training back some, no more out of town seminars. Really just training with my instructor on Thursdays and sharing with my Eskrima group on Sunday mornings. They are coming along and have pretty much got Cinco Teros down and are really getting into Lock n Block, and the flow drill. I have managed to attend two cool events since my last post. In September I taught an Escrima seminar for my friend Mario’s Gung Fu school. We went over the strikes of Cinco Teros, and the basic defenses for each strike. The students were very receptive and I hope to be back. In October my student and I attended the reopening of Bruce Lee’s Chinatown school in Los Angeles. This was truly an epic moment for each of us.