The Year of the Pig

We started this year off with a great Wei Kuen Do seminar by Sifu Leo Fong, Klein, and Jeff at 5 Elements Martial Arts. I really wanted to share Leo’s art with my friend’s school and give them the chance to meet a friend and training partner of Bruce Lee. Everybody had a great time learning and sharing. I even ended up assisting Klein with teaching Trap Boxing to the group. At the end of the day Leo shared some stories about him and Bruce Lee and Sifu Jimmy Lee. He even promoted me to 5 degree black belt in Wei Kuen Do. Even though this year started out rough with some changes at work and home, I intend to make the best of it! We’re going to welcome a new addition to the family later this year as well! My life is pretty much family, work, school, and Gung Fu. But it’s worth it!